About Sojitz Tuna Farm Takashima

Company profile

Established in 2008, our company specializes in bluefin tuna farming. We currently raise close to 40,000 bluefin tuna in Nagasaki Prefecture’s Takashima, Matsuura City.
It takes around three and a half years for our bluefin tuna to mature to an average 50kg size. Our main clients include specialty fish stores and restaurants.

EstablishmentSeptember 18, 2008
Business contentTuna farming
PresidentHiroyuki Onishi
Capital JPY 100,000,000
ShareholderSojitz Corporation(100% ownership)
Address824-1, Aouuramen, Takashima-cho, Matsuura City, Nagasaki Pref. 859-4301. Japan
Telephone number+81-955-41-6038
Fax number+81-955-41-6039
Email addresstakashima@sojitz-tunafarm.com
Main business partnerShin-Matsuura Fishery Association

Takashima Hizen Bridge is a 1,251-meter bridge, connecting Saga Prefecture’s Karatsu City with Nagasaki Prefecture’s Takashima, Matsuura City.

“The Hawk of Victory” monument. Sojitz Tuna Farm Takashima supports the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks.

Affiliated companies

Dalian Global Food Corporation (DGFC)
Located in Dalian, Liaoning Province of China, Dalian Global Food Corporation is mainly involved in the processing and sale of frozen tuna.(Sojitz Corporation 90% ownership)
DGFC imports our company’s bluefin tuna and distributes to Dalian, Beijing, Shanghai, etc.

How Sojitz Corporation joined the Bluefin tuna farming industry.

Our parent company, Sojitz Corporation, has more than thirty years of experience importing tuna.
While Sojitz Group previously imported various types of tuna from the Mediterranean, Indian, and Pacific Oceans, depletion of tuna populations has led to the implementation of fishing regulations in multiple countries.
At the same time, breakthroughs were beginning to emerge in Japan’s bluefin tuna farming, a field of research which has been studied for the past two decades.
Under these circumstances, Sojitz Group determined to enter the bluefin tuna farming business to provide a stable supply of safe, high-quality bluefin tuna.