About TAKASHIMA Bluefin Tuna

Takashima Island in Matsuura City, Nagasaki Prefecture

Takashima is an island with a circumference of approx. 40km north of Nagasaki Prefecture located in the Genkai Sea.
The waters surrounding Takashima Island are famous for puffer fish (FUGU) farming. The water quality, climate, conditions for procuring bait, and logistics are ideal for farming fish.
TAKASHIMA Bluefin Tuna farming ground is located in the offshore Aouura Harbor, where the best FUGU is harvested.

TAKASHIMA Bluefin tuna, farmed in the world’s leading
fishing ground “Genkai Sea”

  • In winter, the sea water temperatures drop to about 12℃. This environment enables the tuna to have firm and fatty meat.
  • Swimming in the fast Tsushima Current tones the TAKASHIMA Bluefin Tuna to give it an excellent texture.
  • Unlike bay aquaculture which can be subject to red tide (algal bloom), the dissolved oxygen content of the Genkai Sea water is high, which contributes to the healthy growth of the tuna.
  • Matsuura City is a famous mackerel landing base for supplying fresh, raw feed.
  • Our farm is conveniently located 1.5 hours from Fukuoka Airport. Access to Karatsu City in Saga Prefecture via the Takashima Hizen Bridge allows us to maintain a steady supply without being impacted by seasonal weather conditions such as typhoons or storms.

Structure of tuna cages

Fish cage nets are set within 40m diameter plastic frames.
These plastic frames have the advantage of not only being able to secure the dimensions of the cage, but also provide a certain flexibility through the netting, which effectively reduces the impact of strong waves.
Netting called makuami is installed over the railing of the plastic frames to prevent tuna from jumping out of the enclosure.
The depths of the fish cages reach close to 20 meters. Tuna swim freely at a depth of 10m. In addition, we have 20m diameter cages for tugging tuna juveniles and 30m diameter cages for use as temporary holding pens.